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Alert Your Legislator to the LTC Workforce Crisis Today!

Hello Workforce Ally,

Thank you for supporting efforts to strengthen Wisconsin’s direct care workforce!  You can help spread the word about the workforce crisis by sending a personalizedWisconsin State Capitol Building Legislator Alert Message to your local legislator.

You will join other allies - we are direct care workers, people receiving support, families, provider agencies and community members. While the message is the same for all of us, we each experience it differently. So we want to make sure the Wisconsin Legislature hears from people all over the state.   


How to use the Legislator Alert Message form:

The Legislator Alert Message form is an easy way for you to share your story with your local legislator.  You can download the fillable form, complete your personal message, and save the completed form.  Then you can send your message to your legislator as an email attachment.  Or you can print your message, and mail it in a regular envelope to your legislator.


How to find your Legislator:

Go to http://maps.legis.wisconsin.gov/


How to personalize your Legislator Alert Message:

Here is a sample form:

Dear Legislator: My name is _(Your Name)  _______________________.   I am connected to long-term care in __(Your City) WI, because I am a (Your role – Employer, Consumer, PCW, CNA, Agency Manager, Family Member, Social Worker, etc.) .

Wisconsin’s long-term care provider community has a workforce crisis that is:

•   Leaving people with disabilities and the elderly without needed care.

•   Forcing businesses to close due to revenue losses or inability to hire Direct Care Workers.

•   Increasing reliance on public assistance by Direct Care Workers due to low pay.

•   Jeopardizing sustainability of Wisconsin’s long-term care system.

The workforce issue is important to me because: 

(include a personal statement about why the workforce matters to you_________________________)                            

I am asking you to support policies that strengthen the long-term care workforce – the Direct Care Workers who serve our most vulnerable Wisconsin citizens.  Your support will help end this crisis!

More information at: www.wiworkforcealliance.com  

My contact information is: Email Address:  _________________________________

Address: (home)       ___________         City/State _________________Phone:  (personal)_________


Thank you for your support!

Let's work together to let our Legislators know about the Workforce Crisis!