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Wisconsin Nursing Homes and Residents, 2004
Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services, September 2005
This report presents key statistical information about WI nursing homes and their residents.   More specifically, the report includes data on nursing home staffing, retention, and turnover.

Wage Parity to Reduce Turnover
A recent article by Bon Secours Health System, Inc. reported on an initiative to increase the wages and benefits of certified nursing assistants in order to reduce turnover and dependence on temporary agency staff.  The results showed that the facility reduced spending on temporary agency staff and that residents reported enhanced levels of satisfaction.

Caring About Caregivers: Reducing turnover of frontline health care workers in South Central Wisconsin
Hatton, Erin and Laura Dresser. October 2003. The Center on Wisconsin Strategy

This report investigates how job quality for frontline caregivers affects the quality of care in federally c ertified nursing homes in South Central Wisconsin. 'Caring about caregivers' shows a strong correlation between low wages, poor training, and lack of opportunity for career advancement and the high turnover rates among frontline caregivers. These high turnover rates are costly, and are damaging to productivity and quality of care.