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Long Term Care - General

Caregivers without Coverage: The Facts about a Critical Gap in Long-Term Care
Health Care for Health Care Workers, an Initiative of the Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute

Results of the 2005 National Survey of State Initiatives on the Long Term Care Direct Care Workforce
The National Clearinghouse on the Direct Care Workforce and the Direct Care Workers Association of North Carolina, September 2005
In the latest edition of the national survey of state initiatives, approximately three-quarters of the state officials who responded said they consider direct-care worker shortages to be a "very serious" or "serious" issue in their states.

Long-Term Support Direct Care Arrangements in Wisconsin Counties – Survey Results, 2004
Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services Division of Disability and Elder Services – September, 2004

Community Links Workforce Project Four-Year Program Summary, 1999-2002
Judy Zitske and Julie Whitaker. April 2003. Wisconsin Bureau of Aging and Long Term Care Resources, Department of Health & Family Services
Since 1999, Wisconsin's Community Options Program has funded county-level projects that initiate close links between county agencies and employment and volunteer resources in an effort to address weaknesses in the long-term care provider network. This summary reviews these county initiatives, called Community Links Workforce Projects, which were implemented between January 1999 and December 2002.

Direct Service Workforce Crisis: Wisconsin Best Investments
The direct service workforce initiative, sponsored by WCDD, Survival Coalition, and Community Alliance of Providers of Wisconsin
This workgroup paper identifies specific policy changes to improve recruitment and retention of frontline workers providing service for individuals with disabilities by increasing wages and benefits. Recommendations include increasing Medicaid waiver rates.


Health Care Wisconsin: A collaborative agenda for solving Wisconsin's health care worker shortage and securing delivery of high quality health care for Wisconsin's citizens
Governor's Health Care Worker Shortage Committee. September 24, 2002
A committee of stakeholders from health care, labor, education, and government identified four major issues affecting the shortage of health care workers in Wisconsin: education; retention and recruitment; investment, resources, and infrastructure; and workplace redesign. The committee's recommendations include increasing the number and diversity of health care workers, improving retention, and establishing a committee to coordinate solutions to the workforce shortage.