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Writing a Press Release

A press release is a compilation of statements and information to be given out at the media event and delivered afterward to reporters who didn’t attend. Here are tips on how to write a press advisory:
1. Make or use an attractive letterhead.
2. Add the traditional heading:
Add "Press Advisory" to the top
"Contact:" Add the name and phone numbers of your spokesperson
3. Write a headline. The purpose of the headline is to catch a reporter’s or the news director’s attention. Use active wording.
4. Write a lead paragraph. This is the most important paragraph in the whole release. It must grab the attention of the reporter or editor. Start with the city or date (without the year) in bold face. In the remainder of the paragraph and in regular font answer the following questions: who, what, when, where, and why?
5. Write a second paragraph with quotes from your spokesperson. Use quotation marks in any statement other than completely non-controversial matters of fact.
6. Continue to develop the story using quotations from the same and other leaders. The third paragraph would be the place to document scientific evidence, data, or findings in a publication.
7. End the release by plugging your next meeting or activity, or give your phone number or web site address for more information.
8. Try to limit the release to two sheets of paper. If you have a report or study to back up your position, hand it out in addition to the release.

Sample Press Release