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How to submit a letter to the editor


The letters page is the most read section of newspapers and magazines. Space is limited and competition is fierce so make each word count!

Get to the point in the first line and refer to the article to which you are responding. Letters that respond to previously printed material frequently stand a better chance of being printed.

Check the letter specifications of the newspaper to which you are writing. Length and format requirements vary from paper to paper. (Generally, roughly two short paragraphs or 200-250 words are ideal.) You also must include your name, signature, address and phone number.

Challenge opponents with wit and facts rather than abuse.

Read the letters page in the publication to get a sense of the style and size that get into print.

Senators and Representatives will clip and read anything with their names in it. If you call on them, by name, to take action, they'll take notice.

Monitor the paper for your letter. If your letter has not appeared within a week or two, follow up with a call to the editorial department of the newspaper.

If your letter to the editor about long term care workforce issues is printed, please notify the Alliance at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..